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Daylight Again (CD)


Daylight Again (CD)


The missing Horsemen album! At last! Is Frank on it? No – We weren’t talking at the time. This is a collection of songs recorded between the break-up of the band during the Nobody Said It Was Easy tour, and the reformation for Getting’ Pretty Good. It features Dave and I, southern singer/multi-instrumentalist Tim Beattie, ex-Cult Drummer Lez Warner, and bassist Duane D. Young. It was recorded in NYC whilst the dust settled. No one really knew whether the original band was ever going to record again. If we had, these are the songs we would have been playing. We've included ten previously unheard songs. There's also part 3 of The Horsemen Story. The triple gatefold sleeve features a shot of us taken in the studio. If you dig Tired Wings and Somethin’ Good, this is the next step up from there.
-Haggis, October 2009

Additional Info:

  • Never Released
  • Produced by Haggis
Track Listing:
1. Amazing Grace

2. Dollar A Minute
3. Daylight Again
4. Mojo Hannah
5. The Bed Went Cold On Me
6. Isabelle
7. Lay Your Trouble Down
8. Trailer Park Boogie
9. Amazing Grace (Reprise)


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