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Ships: 1/29

Note: This is Version 2.0 of this DVD! We have recently sourced the original 8mm tape of this show, with a much higher video and audio quality than our initial release (which was from a 2nd generation VHS bootleg). This is 1:1 from the original 8mm video camera.  It's not subtle - it's a big improvement. There is also an extra song on this release that was too fucked up looking from the VHS to have included it back then.


We received a lot of questions regarding the footage of the band supporting Lynyrd Skynyrd included on the Left For Dead DVD. A better quality copy of the bootleg recently emerged, so we decided to make the whole set available at a bootleg price. Brett Kull re-mastered the sound and Haggis added a typically irreverent commentary track. Much like the Death Before Suckass C.D. the DVD captures the band while they were cooking with gas, but this time on a bigger stage’.

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Track Listing:
1. 75 Again
2. Let It Rock
3. Hothead
4. Can't Get Next To You
5. Wanted Man
6. Nobody Said It Was Easy
7. Rockin Is Ma Business

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