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‘With founder member Dimwit passing prior to it’s recording and singer Frank C. Starr struck down in a motorcycle accident only weeks after it’s completion, Getting’ Pretty Good At Barely Gettin’ By proved to be The Four Horsemen’s swansong. Featuring the same blistering blues-rock assault as the first L.P. it was lead guitarist Dave Lizmi’s refusal to let the lights go out that gave birth to some lesser known Horsemen classics such as Livin’ These Blues and Keep Your Life. The recent inclusion of rocker Back In Business Again in the movie G.I. Joe: Retaliation has re-sparked new interest in the album. Included here in its newly expanded form it is an essential addition to anyone wishing to complete The Four Horsemen catalog.’

Additional Info:

  • Includes Bonus Material*
  • Produced by Richard Chycki
Track Listing:
Still Alive and Well
2. Gettin' Pretty Good At Barely Gettin' By
3. Drunk Again
4. Livin' These Blues
5. Song For Absent Friends
6. Keep Your Life
7. Hot Rod
8. Rock My Universe
9. Back In Business Again
10. Hit The Road
11. Keep On Keepin' On
12. My Song
13. What The Hell Went Wrong

*Additional Bonus Tracks:
14. Livin' These Blues (demo '95)
15. Keep Your Life (demo '95)
16. Hit The Road - (demo '95)


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