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LIMITED **SIGNED** Left For Dead - DVD/CD Box Set


LINER NOTES EXCERPT : "...So understand that this DVD is the closest you're going to get to seeing The Four Horsemen in all their purity. It's why you owe yourself some low lighting, a seat on the couch in your underwear and some booze. Crank the bastard up and you could do worse than having a fresh bacon sandwich lying around. Watch their goofiness, watch their wackiness, laugh at their crudity (even have a giggle at Kate Moss...that wasn't a typo) but also notice their musicianship, their material, their performance and their chemistry. It was so good, so pure, so sweet. And at least, thanks to Haggis and Dave, we have this fine record to start re-learning, and remembering, The Four Horsemen by."

- Steffan Chirazi, May 2005

Additional Info:

  • Video Anthology (DVD)
  • Live CD
  • 8-page Booklet
  • (Box Set)
DIsc 1: DVD - The Videos:
1. Rockin’ Is Ma Business (MTV version)

2. Hard Lovin’ Man (Live 1989)
3. High school Rock’n’Roller (Live 1989)
4. Nobody Said It Was Easy (MTV version)
5. Tired Wings (MTV version)
6. 75 Again/Rockin’ Is Ma Business (Live 1991)
Tired Wings (Kate Moss version)
8. Nobody said It Was Easy (Adam Dubin version)
9. Welfare Boogie (Original first video 89)
10. Let It Rock (Live 1990)
Plus Bonus: All Acoustic demo of Tired Wings, set to a photo montage

Disc 2: CD - The Live Album 1992:
1. 75 Again
2. Moonshine
3. Tired Wings
4. Can’t Get Next To You
5. Hot Head
6. The Roadie From Hell
I Need A Thrill
8. Wanted Man
9. Rockin’ Is Ma Business
10. Let It Rock
11. Lookin’ For Trouble


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