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PREORDER: Nobody Said It Was Easy (CD w/Bonus Tracks)


PREORDER: Nobody Said It Was Easy (CD w/Bonus Tracks)


Update 6/24 PREORDER - will ship in 4 weeks

This CD is the culmination of a lifetime of living dangerously. We don’t know how Rick Rubin captured it, but he did – every last tortured note. We also dug out three songs we recorded at the same time that got tossed from the final version and included them. Changus Young continues with part 2 of The Horsemen Story. The triple gatefold sleeve also includes an out take from the original album photo shoot.

Additional Info:

  • 21st Anniversary Edition (Includes Bonus Material*)
  • Produced by Rick Rubin
Track Listing:
1. Nobody Said It Was Easy

2. Rockin’ Is Ma Business
3. Tired Wings
4. Can’t Stop Rockin’
5. Wanted Man
6. Let it Rock
7. Hot Head
8. Moonshine
9. Homesick Blues
10. 75 Again
11. Lookin’ For Trouble
12. I Need A Thrill/ Somethin’ Good

*Additional Album Out takes:
13. She’s Got It
14. Homesick Blues (Harmonica Version)
15. Born To Boogie

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