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Welfare Boogie E. P.   (CD w/Bonus Tracks)


Welfare Boogie E. P. (CD w/Bonus Tracks)


We always hated the way the e.p. sounded – no balls. Which, given the collective size of the bands bollocks, did not sit well with us. As we compiled the 21st anniversary reissues we found an original un-mastered copy of the record and fixed that problem. Now – BIG CAJONES! We also included five of the earliest recordings of the band known to exist. Changus Young wrote part 1 of The Horsemen Story as sleeve-notes. The triple gatefold sleeve also features a picture from the Robert John’s first shoot with the original line-up of the band.

Additional Info:

  • 21st Anniversary Edition (Includes Bonus Material*)
  • Remastered
  • Produced by Steve Ett
Track Listing:
1. Welfare Boogie

2. Shelly
3. High school Rock’n’Roller
4. Hard Lovin’ Man

*Additional Tracks:
5. Rockin’ Is Ma’ Business (rehearsal demo ‘89)
6. The Needle (rehearsal demo ‘89)
7. Born To Boogie (rehearsal demo ‘89)
8. Ain’t Tellin’ Me (rehearsal demo ‘89)
9. Bring On The Girls (rehearsal demo ‘89)

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